Sunday, October 31, 2010


This weekend I set myself quite a challenge and boy was it worth it! I recently purchased some really amazing German pattern and fashion magazines from the 1920's and 1930's on ebay. The instructions and patterns are like Burda Style Magazine in that they all come out on one very large sheet that you must trace your pattern from. Only these were in German. I don't speak German.
So I chose a very simple pattern that was luckily in my size and began the long process of tracing and translating (yay google translate!) to figure out how to sew this baby. 
I chose this great little bra pattern, and adjusted it a bit to make it a tad more wearable.

German word of the day: Büstenhalter. Roughly translates into busts-holder.
I will create another post outlining the process of using one of these magazines for those who wish to attempt it. I found it definitely worth the work. Here's how she turned out, my lovely büftenhalter.
 I used some lovely unidentified fabric that I snagged at a thrift shop in the states, some salvaged vintage lace, made my own bias tape, and lined this little baby with black satin.
 I also had to add a couple of tiny pads to fill out the 'bullet-bra" shape that my... um, girls, didn't quite fill out.

 I used a button closure in the back because I like sewing on buttons, and am lazy and didn't feel like fiddling with hooks and eyes until my fingers hurt.

I'm hoping that I have enough fabric left over to make a great pair of matching tap pants from another pattern in the same magazine.
On another note, I went as a pin-up for Halloween and while I only got to wear my get-up for a somewhat disappointing hour and my pictures came out poo, I still had fun dressing up and shellacking all that red on my lips.
Happy Halloween.


  1. That bra is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had that pattern. I love your fabric choices.

  2. You are really talented! That's so cute. Well done! I am sitting here in Australia, enjoying your blog very much :)