Thursday, October 28, 2010

My day off.

Today I had my first day off in the middle of the week in along time. I was torn between cleaning the house from top to bottom, and going into Stavanger and doing some much desired window shopping.
It's not hard to guess which idea won out in the end. I rode the bus in and spent the most of the afternoon curled up outside of Sjokoladepiken, a great chocolate shop/ cafe with a great book and some rich hot cocoa.

While in town, I finally managed to pick up the October issue of Burda Style Magazine and am looking forward to getting my tracing paper in the mail so I can make up some of these great patterns!
Here are a few from this issue I'm adding to my to-do list:

This is just the sort of adorable smock that I can get away with wearing to work and not looking too overdressed for coffee.

This great mini skirt pattern by Karl Lagerfeld will be perfect paired with my "Death before Decaf" tee.
And I have nowhere to wear this sexy little silk blouse, but I'm going to make it, and then worry about where I can wear it to later. Yum...
You can see more patterns from this issue here.

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  1. fashion, coffee, books, ahh sounds like a great way to spend your day off! can't wait to see your new creations!