Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have you heard about Etsy?

If you haven't heard about Etsy, then you need to. Not only did I have a successful shop there before we moved overseas, but my mother sill does (And regularly posts things that I can't live without!).
I thought that I would follow the Adjustable Belt Tutorial with a few places that you can find some of these great buckles, as well as great vintage and modern notions.
Lets start with the buckles:
This 1930's Bakelite and rhinestone buckle is in a great new shop on etsy called Seams Forever.
Here's a great rhinestone geometric buckle for only $9 in another etsy shop, Boylerpf who also has some amazing vintage jewelry.

And from my mom's shop, Phoebe Delia's Mercantile, the prefect ribbon to make belts with. I have tons of this myself (God bless those care packages) as it's great for sewing (I use mine for belts, bows, ruffles and other embellishments) and it easily dyes any color.

On a similar note, I just got two large boxes in the mail from Mom, and they were brimming with vintage patterns from the 1930's, yards and yards of lace in every color, fabric (silk charmeuse, oh my!) and a few delightful vintage undergarments for pattern making and wearing.

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  1. Great post & a huge thanks for including one of our buckles! Etsy is a great place to find vintage to use, repurpose and give some of these wonderful old pieces another life!