Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reasons Not to Feel Stupid

One of my blogosphere heroines, the intrepid Gertie of Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing, asked a very interesting question today on her blog. She asked if the Mad Men phenomenon had changed the way we dressed, citing examples of clothing companies labeling certain looks as Mad Men inspired to boost sales.
Mad Men's lovely Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks).
I mean, honestly, who doesn't want to look like that? But let's face it, some of us feel rather self conscious walking around in a full vintage getup. (Do I look like that crazy lady in Walmart with smudged lipstick who looks like a 40's hooker in drag?)
Sorry, I just had to.
I try to temper that feeling with modern accessories and an editing eye but sometimes, no matter how stunning I feel in a vintage look, sometimes I wonder, "Are people laughing at me when I'm not looking?" or "Do I look completely ridiculous?"

That's why I'm so glad that there's a plethora of souls braver than I who can wear vintage, look amazing doing it, and inspire me to pluck up my courage and say to myself, "Screw what people think! Damn, I look good!"

Some of those awesome icons are fellow bloggersand some are celebrities.
Here are a few of my vintage fashion inspirations:
The incredible Dita von Teese (burlesque goddess) always looks flawless in vintage be it a sweet dress or nearly nothing at all.
If I loved the ladies, she would be my dreamboat.
And of course the awesome and talented Katy Perry can pull it off.
And moving on to REAL PEOPLE (no offense, celebs). Check out this ensemble by Gertie!
Photo from Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing

No photo-shop here, just awesome style sense!
And then there's the talented Kathleen Frances of Grosgrain who is really great at taking something vintage and keeping it's vintage feel while adding her own clever style.

And let's not forget the fearless Susannah of Cargo Cult Craft who can make do and mend with vintage looks better than anyone I know of!

Susannah making a vintage simplicity pattern look so chic.
There are of course so many more but my fingers are getting tired, I'm hungry, and I'm afraid you might have gotten bored. How rude of you. Unless you're inspired. Then, Yay you!
Thanks to all of the above inspiring ladies above for your taste, style, and general coolness (whether you read this or not!).
And remember, whether you feel eccentric, silly, sexy, dated or amazing in your vintage look, chances are, no one else has one, and just about everyone who sees you is probably wanting one.


  1. Ahh! but what about those who are old enough to have worn that vintage when it wasn't vintage, should we pass it to the younger set or keep on wearing?

  2. That is of course up to the wearer's discretion! One may have looked great in a 60's mini at 20, but one might feel funny in it at 70. However, I have yet to see a great vintage coat look bad on anyone of any age. It's up to you!