Thursday, September 30, 2010

Old Plaid Robe Dress - Project Runway Remake Challenge

Here's the final cut, so to speak! This was my final submission for the Project Runway Remake Challenge Presented by Rowenta.

I started by removing the sleeves and ironing out the seam allowance to create a kimono sleeve. I then removed the breast pocket, and concealed a tear on the front by adding two darts under the bust, and thus tailoring it down a bit more to my size.

The original was a bit misshapen so I had to take apart both side seams, iron out the well-enforced allowances, re-cut the sides, remove some excess, and reshape the arm holes. I then cut much of the bottom off and hemmed it just below the original hip pockets.

Plus check out the bows I made to spice up my shoes!

I was really grateful for this challenge as it gave me the opportunity to re-purpose a much loved item into something that I can wear all the time!
Here's hoping I win!


  1. Looks awesome, I could never be that creative. I hope you win!!

  2. I have seen the original robe as it was lovingly donated by me to my daughter a huge fan of vintage and I love what she has done with it. is just as charming as can be. Good luck with the comp. Well done and very well executed. Wish I could see it and you in person.

  3. Very avante' guard. Gives me some great ideas.

  4. Just an additional note. Do you have an original pic of the robe to give a better idea of how you have changed the robe?