Monday, September 27, 2010

The Old Man Dress Renovation

I am currently attempting to finish a dress for the Project Runway Remake Challenge
on The point is to take a garment you already have in your closet and turn it into something else completely, using as much of the original as possible. For my entry I'm using this great old silk plaid men's bath robe from the 20's or 30's and I'm turning it into a dress. 

The robe was way too big for me, and not warm enough for mike to wear, and has a few holes so it mostly just hung on a hanger in the closet. That is sad. Turning it into something new, is happy.
This is stage on with the sleeves painstakingly removed (the original seamstress was GOOD at her craft) and the plaid carefully matched up to close most of the front.
I'll be adding buttons at the collar, refinishing the sleeve edges and I'm debating whether or not to add a waist band to it. I'll of course be hemming it just below the pockets, which I'm keeping. I took the breast pocket off because it threw off the symmetry and in the process shredded a bit of the fabric (oh no!). Good thing I think it's a nice spot for a dart!
Any suggestions on future alterations as I go?


  1. I just found this site and I am definitely about to go through all your old posts! Please keep it up! I'm a college student in the US and I'm thinking about starting to sew my own under and outerthings, and reading your insights are so very helpful!

  2. Katherine, thanks for the lovely comment! I wish you luck in your oncoming sewing endeavors, it's so rewarding (and need I say great for the ego) to have someone compliment your outfit and to be able to reply, "Thanks, I made it myself!"
    Feel free to leave a comment if there's ever anything I can post about to help, i.e. tutorials etc.