Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wherein I fulfill my purpose.

The whole reason I started this blog was to help and inspire my fellow seamstresses. When I first started sewing I stumbled across some other popular sewing blogs and they inspired me like crazy, and often provided really useful tips that have made me a better seamstress. Since my following is still rather conservative in size I've been unsure that I've met my goal to help or inspire, until today.
I got an email today from Airy:

I found your blog while looking up this pattern. I was thinking of bidding for it on eBay,  but then I saw in your description that it had some strange pieces. One of my projects is trying to make my own patterns for garments for myself (I've succeeded in a basic bra, but I'm having some problems with the panties pattern). I was wondering if I could get a picture of the pattern pieces for this Du Barry pattern (there's usually pictures of the pieces on the back or on the instructions). This is just for me to get a general idea of the shape of the pattern pieces. (I don't want pictures of your panties or anything like that).



Well, Airy, I'm happy to help. I scanned the back of the pattern and uploaded it to the Vintage Pattern Wiki (which, if the rest of you haven't checked out yet, you don't know what a treat you're missing!) and to hopefully help you a bit further in your quest to make your own lingerie (Bravo!) here's a closeup, and an explanation of what I meant by "funny pattern pieces" in my previous post on DuBarry 5720.
Before I tried this pattern I had made maybe two other pairs of tap pants and both had been very straight forward, with no crotch piece. I was confounded by the concept of "joining crotch to opening with flat stitched seam." But then I found out that a flat stitched seam looked like this:
Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.
So all I did was baste and press my seam allowance to the inside, line my pieces up, and carefully hand stitched them in place.
As far as the tap pants in this pattern are concerned, I would definitely buy this pattern again. I hope this helps!


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