Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was bad... I bought fabric.

Today I went to a thrift shop and stumbled on a great stash of recently donated fabric. Bad Anna. I think someone was cleaning out their stash, or liquidating the estate of an older relative because these were pieces I would never have gotten rid of willingly. Of course I payed more for it here in Norway than I ever would have in the U.S. because the Norwegian-run Fretex (a.k.a. Red Cross) is corrupt and overpriced.
But never mind that, lookit what I got!

What am I going to do with over 4 1/2 yards of vintage rayon jersey?
What can't I do with 4 1/2 yards of rayon jersey!

I got a bit of lovely wool, some great plaid taffeta, a lovely bit of rayon something that I don't have a name for, and while some of this is polyester (I know, I usually say it's gross and all melty) but this stuff is pretty so, oh well.

I have very little practice identifying fabric types (well I'm only 25, how could I have very much practice at anything?) so I found a terribly useful chart online that helps you identify fabric types through the burn test.
This great chart is courtesy of Ditzy Prints, the clever creator of which carries a copy of this in her purse along with a lighter and small scissors; a brilliant idea for a portable burn test. You can print out an image of her useful chart here.

But I'm being silly. I'm supposed to be working on Mike's shirt... the shirt that has confused me quite a bit. Why would it say on the envelope cover, "choose size according to neck measurement" and then in the instructions inside, "choose size according to chest measurement." That's just silly. I went with his chest size because his neck size called for the shirt to be a 36, and his chest size called for a size 44. He's pretty buff so I'm going to start large and tailor it down if I have to.
 My strong man. I hope this darn shirt fits.

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  1. Anna,
    Never a bad move to buy classic fabric when you can find it. But then....I may have an over stock of vintage fabric myself. You seem to have a tallent for putting it to work better than I. At a girl!