Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along... Attaching your lining.

In yesterday's post we finished sewing our major seams together and ended up with two bras, an outer and a lining.
Today, we'll join them together at the bottom to make a clean, unbound line at the bottom.

The pattern we're using...

Yesterday, Sarah also posted some really excellent progress on her long line version. She posted on how to assemble the cups and corselet pieces, and showed us how to add a little extra support by ingeniously adding an elastic band.

This isn't a must, it's just one of many ways you can sew this bra. You can also baste the front and back wrong sides together and just bind both top and bottom, or sew the entire bra right sides together, leaving just a bit to turn it right side out. The sky is the limit!

To line your bra as I have chosen to do, lay your outer bra and your lining bra right sides together, making sure to line up your center front seams and darts.

Stitch the bra bottoms together and make sure that you clip or pink your seams so that they are smoothly rounded when you turn and press them.

Bra outer and bra lining sewn together at the bottom seam.
My under-bust seam pinked and pressed open.

When you fold them right sides out and press the bottom seam, you should have a nice, smooth, rounded bottom line. Later the top will be bound but for now it's just raw edges while we fiddle with some other stuff first.

What's next for tomorrow? I'm going to show you how to cheat nature a bit, if nature has cheated you.

How about you? Will you be binding your top and bottom, just the top or do you have other plans?


  1. This is looking great and so well made! Keep up the amazing sewing! XxxX

  2. These are such lovely sew-alongs! Thanks so much for sharing!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Participation is optional. Details on my blog :-) The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee

  3. Looks great! I can't wait to start working on this project. Just need some time to finish other projects and move apartments.

  4. I just finished my Peggy dress for a Mad Men to jump-in now. just printed the pattern, and can't wait to start tonight after work. :)
    Yours is looking fantastic!!