Friday, May 30, 2014

Quickie Tutorial: How to frame your embroidery.

Hello lovely readers,
Today I have a quick tutorial for any of you who might be new to embroidery: How to frame your finished projects.

For this project I used a simple 9" wooden embroidery hoop from my local craft chain, some white embroidery floss, and the embroidered design I mentioned in my last post.
Start with your finished embroidery centered in your hoop, pulled taught, and the hoop screw tightened.

For a round embroidery hoop, begin my trimming your excess fabric off around the hoop (it doesn't have to be pretty - mine sure isn't.

Cut a long piece of either very strong thread or embroidery floss (I suggest using the same color as your fabric). This piece should be as long as the circumference of your hoop and an extra few inches.

Thread it on an embroidery needle and knot one end. Then run a simple, very wide straight stitch all the way around your fabric to the outside. Mine was about an inch from the edge of the hoop, and about 3/4" long on each stitch. You want some decent spacing because you'll be gathering this stitch.

Once you've stitched all the way around, bring your thread to the right side of the fabric and gently pull your gathers tight.

Once the stitches are gathered tightly, run a couple of back stitches and then knot off your thread.

If your embroidery hoop is not very deep like mine (mine is not even 1/2" deep) then your fabric gathers might be too bulky to lie flat enough against a wall.  Simply iron your gathers flat (you might have to use just the edge of your iron) but it works great to reduce the gathered bulk.

And now your embroidery is ready to hang!

Have a happy week,


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