Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lingerie from 1926... pretty, pretty lingerie.

 Since my printer is on strike (pretty much a nightmare of epic proportions when you're in the business of designing printable patterns for a living...) I have been working on digitizing my truly lovely collection of Fashion Service seasonal sewing books.

The Fashion Service books were provided both as a monthly magazine and as a quarterly review that often gave enough information for an experienced home seamstress to create an entire seasonal wardrobe. They are quite hard to find and simply tickle me pink with their beautiful contents.

I thought I would share a page with you that I particularly enjoyed from Fashion Service Magazine, Autumn of 1926.

The Fashion Service Quarterly Magazines usually featured around 50 pages of beautiful pictures and tutorials. Each fashion pictured is usually described in great detail with instructions on how to make it either from scratch or by altering a basic pattern.
These lingerie drawings are no exception and the descriptions given can help an experienced seamstress create her own version.

Aren't they pretty? It's so fun to read the descriptions and imagine the fabrics used, "Sea-green French voile is pin-tucked..." and "flesh crepe de chine with turquoise blue and orchid bindings..." Swoon.

This Fashion Service magazine is now available in its entirety for instant download at


  1. These are great! You know why? I really think it is great that the women of the 30s didn't look to buying new clothes when a new season ushered in. Instead, they looked to creating something. Yes, times may have been harder then than they are now but that doesn't mean we can't learn something from them.

  2. Oh these are so lovely! I've been dealing with some really annoying technology issues this week so I feel your pain.

  3. So interesting to see the style of the illustrations. The women in the pictures have hugely feminine, even childlike faces. But their bodies are boyish in the extreme. So interesting to see how fashions change.

  4. Oh wow, these are amazing! I'd kill for some of those 18B pyjamas. The description is divine.

  5. Lovely! I love the illustrations of this time.