Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gearing up for mayhem...

I am shortly to start job hunting again... which is litterally my least prefered past time.
Things I would rather do than job hunting:
  •  Have a visit to the gynecologist
  • eat mayonaise that's been left in the sun for hours
  • spend 48 non-stop hours walking in 4" heels
  • run a marathon in the nude
  • wear a dress made entirely of live snakes
I think you get the idea.
So to compensate for this horrid thing that I have to do again, I'm going to have to sew some super fabulous outfits to do it in. Hence my latest sewing pattern purchases. I thought you might like a look at how I'm going to survive it all in style:

McCall's 5262:

I just bought this lovely business this morning over my morning cup of tea. I plan on making version A on the left... in cobalt blue if I can find the fabric...

McCall's 5637:

I think I'm going to have to make this one in just about every color. I don't normally go for bolero jackets but this one is really making me change my mind. I may just have to make the whole outfit up.

McCall 8220:

I bought this one about a week ago and I'm expecting it in the mail any day now. What I really love is the sleeve detail; it's all one piece, bodice and sleeve and it creates this really gorgeous line. Can you tell that I'm going to be looking for some sort of office work? My Norwegian has gotten a lot stronger and I'm hoping that I don't end up as a barista again... if I do, well, there will be a whole new post on fantastic cute 1950's party dresses and separates (my go -to barista garb).

On another note, I found my white whale. I really did! I have been hunting online just about every day for this pattern for two years!

I got it just days before I left for the states and I'm getting ready to make it up next in a fantastic 1950's rose print.

There's more to come soon on several new pdfs I have added to my etsy shop so stay tuned!


  1. Oh boy, those are all stunning!

  2. Love them! Can't wait to see more. And, best of luck on the job that you want.

  3. You will look fantastic at work. I'm really loving the McCalls bolero outfit. And that last pattern - oh my word! It should be your next PDF release :)

  4. @Annabelle
    Annabelle, I would love to make the last one available to everyone but it's still under copyright... maybe I'll design my own?