Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mail Call!

It's mail call! My favorite part of the day is when my husband comes home. Most of that is because my husband came home... but the rest of it is because he brings our mail with him! Well, my mail 'cause I'm the one that get's most of it.
Today I had a whole pile of packages and here's what I got:

Oh yes, yummy, yummy things in the mail for me. I made out like a bandit, right?

 So we have Hollywood 1478, which I paid $1 for... sometimes you can win on ebay. And we have Hollywood 1809, which I got for more than a dollar, but had to have. It just looks so comfortable!

Then we have McCall 1262, the purse pattern which, to my surprise and delight, turned out to be in the original factory folds, never used! The envelope is still crisp and glossy to the touch! Let's hope I have the nerve to unfold and use it (tracing a copy first, of course. I would never actually use an original.)  And then there's Advance 3012, one of the very rare, hard to find teddy patterns I've been on the hunt for.

After that we have Simplicity 4754 which I'm happy to add to my Working For Victory Collection. I'm in the process of trying to buy every pattern from the era where women had to fill in after their men went off to war. Maybe it's being a military wife that makes them so interesting to me. I've just gotten so accustomed to the military wife culture where women are used to, and ready to take care of business with their men off doing their duty that these patterns seem like a perfect fit in my collection.
And lastly there's the Sew Lovely G 803 Toga Gown which I think would be perfect for silk jersey, if I ever decide to try dealing with that headache of a fabric again.
So that's what I've got, in addition to the two McCall's Style News booklets you saw in  the top picture, which I'll be turning into PDF's soon.
Stay tuned for more as I'm currently working on the most amazing 1940's bathing suit sewing pattern, which will be a downloadable pattern soon!


  1. Wow, great finds! I love them all, especially the Advance dress pattern and the teddy...lovely!

  2. That toga dress pattern is divine. If you ever want to get rid of it, please send it my way :)

  3. Love these! I also favor the Hollywood dress pattern, it does look comfy. What great finds!

  4. I love that Hollywood dress pattern, I've been looking for something like that for ages. What a fantastic find. I love the bag pattern too, but I agree, it needs to remain pristine!

  5. Great finds, I love this kind of mail! The landgirl pattern is really interesting, I'd love a jumpsuit and dungaree pattern from the era. IIRC Decades have one that I've ahhed over a few times...