Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Um, huh?

Why is this pattern $125?
Any ideas? Cause I'm coming up short.

I just thought I'd ask.

Update: I asked the seller as a professional curiosity why the price was as listed, and their response was the same that I would have used to justify the price of any of my patterns: ie. taking into consideration the era, pattern company, pattern style, and it's rarity.
Hmmm... Just. Hmmm.
Except I just found about a dozen similar patterns on etsy from near to the same era for between $10 and $45.


  1. A typo? Maybe it's someone who thinks "I have a pattern in great condition here, I'll see if I can sell it to some schmuck for a huge price tag"? Maybe they work for an oil company, and they've learned to grossly over-inflate their prices for a finite product?

  2. I saw a pattern that cost even more, and it wasn't even the original! It was a traced copy! It's not even like you really need a pattern for a cape!

  3. Maybe it is the only one left in the world! Or like Steph said maybe they work for an oil company :)I gues you would neeed an answer from a die-hard collector.

  4. And, I totally loved looking through your vintage pattern collection. I should get around to doing the same on my blog, just the ones in my personal collection. Thanks!

  5. Because people with no real knowledge of what they have go online, find the highest price some other idiot is asking for a pattern, and decide to charge the same.

    Just because you ask that price, doesn't mean anyone will be prepared to pay it! I suspect they may be looking for a buyer for that one for quite a while ;)

    The highest I have ever paid for a vintage pattern was $35, for an early 50s playsuit and overskirt in a rare 44 bust size in factory folds. Usually I won't go higher than about £10/$15.

  6. Yikes... Maybe the seller thinks someone will be willing to pay. I can't imagine why though - do you really need a pattern for a cape?

  7. Wow that is so much money! No idea why, as the pattern doesn't look particularly unique or complicated... let us know if you do discover the secret to the high price? Sam xox

  8. I agree with everyone else above. Although, there are some vintage patterns that actually are that expensive, without being too crazy. Like Vouge Designer patterns for example. Some of them are patterns from fashion houses that no longer exist, or patterns that were only sold in limited editions. If you think abut what you would pay for one of those vintage dresses in a shop, it makes sense. However, the pattern you are showing here - nope, the price makes no sense at all. Oh, and by the way, seing as you live in Norway, have you looked at Swedish site Tradera (swedish ebay) for patterns? They have quite a lot! :)

  9. I sell patterns for a living and while I have sold patterns in that price range I also can't figure out why this particular one is priced so high. I think it may be due to "I've never seen one before so it must be rare".
    I went to an overpriced yard sale once with my Mom and her husband and as we walked away he said "They like their stuff too much."
    And some folks really want to sell their stuff and some folks aren't really ready to part with things.
    Any of things could account for this price...I guess I just wish them luck!

  10. I bought the same pattern here in Australia for 99 cents ! LMAO