Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad Anna

I'm bad, I know, I'm sorry. It's been a while since my last post. I'm swamped with custom sewing projects and keeping house. Who knew working from home could keep you so busy?!

I realized today that I've been three years today since I first started sewing. I got my machine as a graduation from college gift. I know, that's a bit counter productive but it's what I wanted, and the family all pitched in to get me a wonderful machine that I never could have afforded on my own.
I made my very first garment shortly after my dress form arrived in the mail. I had a lovely piece of vintage printed cotton, and I just started draping it on the form to make a really simple sihouete. I threw in some gathers, a couple of darts to fit it to my waist, and added my first zipper, and an invisible one, to boot. That was that.
And here's how it turned out:

 I was able to line the patterns up almost exactly at the sides, not quite perfectly at the zipper though. The fabric also had a lovely border at the bottom that needed no hemming or seam finishing, top or bottom.
This was of course back in Illinois. I haven't worn it since we moved to Norway, given that it's cold here nearly year round.

Damn, I haven't had a tan like that since we moved either. I need to visit home just to get some sun!
So that's my throw back to the past. As far as first projects go, I was pretty darn proud of myself, and still am, I think. My mother said something wonderful to me the other day. She told me that she and I were now equals in sewing skill. I was flummoxed. My mother, who has sewn since she was a little girl, who has restored antique gowns hand needling lace herself, made beautiful wedding gowns from scratch, and who has the answer to EVERY sewing question, considered my skill equal to hers. It was an amazing compliment.
I love my Mommy.


  1. No wonder your still proud, it's a great dress!

  2. Thanks so much Charlotte, you're a sweetheart!