Thursday, November 12, 2015

1940's Bra Sew-Along - Finishing edges and adding straps.

Hello again my dears,
In our last sew-along post, we sewed our actual bra pieces together and now we're ready to talk edge finishing. We'll need to do this before we before can sew our straps in place. There are a few ways that you can finish your edges if you're not sewing a whole bra and lining together and turning it right sides out. You can bind your edges, add applique lace at the edges, or my favorite, face the edges with rayon or cotton seam tape.

This is easy as pie and makes a nice, neat finished edge on both sides.
First lay your chosen tape (I like 1/2" wide rayon seam binding) on the top edge of the RIGHT side of the bra. Pin it in place and stitch 1/8" from the top edge.

Now press the tape upwards. This will give you a crisp edge later on. After that, fold the tape over onto the WRONG side of the bra edge and press again.

Pin the tape in place. This is a really good time to add your bra straps to the back piece.
The back of the bra strap (this would be the adjustable end) should be placed 2 3/4" from the center back of piece D and you can just pin it right over your tape.

Then run two rows of stitching 1/8" apart to secure the tape in place, catching the back of the bra strap in place as you do. Now the top of your bra edge has been finished. Repeat this process (minus the straps) on the bottom edge.

To attach the front straps, fold the raw edge under 1/4" and pin the strap to the top edge of the bra so that this raw edge is sandwiched between the strap and the wrong side of the bra.
Front Strap Placement: the strap should have its outside edge 2" from the side seam (where ABC joins D).

Top-stitch the strap in place along the two lines you've just stitched to sew the tape in place.

Now you've got a nearly complete bra! All that is left for our next post is sewing in our hook and eye closures.

How is the bra making going for you so far?

Happy sewing,


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