Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Patterns from Mrs. Depew Vintage

Hello my dears. Before the great headache of 2015 (we're on day 13 now, super fun times) I was working up a storm on some new sewing patterns for Mrs. Depew Vintage. All are swoon-worthy lingerie pattern reproductions. A few you might even recognize from my crazy S-Series obsession (yes, I'm still hunting).

Not only are these lovelies available in multiple sizes (I've graded the patterns to every size the original pattern was available in back in the day) but they're also available in both paper, and instant download versions!
So without further ado...

This charming little set can be sewn in 2 versions. Version 1 is an uplift bra that fastens at the center back, Version 2 is a bra for evening wear with a cross-over strap fastened at the front. The panties may be made with or without lace and a full-sized motif pattern is included for applique. 

This great step-in can be sewn in 2 ways with either lace or self-fabric uppers. The fitted top has V - shaped neckline and the lower section joins the upper section in a pointed line. 

This corset is a corset in the very loosest sense of the word. It was originally marketed as a Brassiere in about 1920 and isn't necessarily meant to fit too tightly. It can be made from woven fabrics and a hook and eye tape closure at center back. This is the perfect foundation piece to wear under those 1920's day dresses to get that slim, smooth, bulge-free silhouette. 

SIZING: 32"- 50" Bust.

You don't see these very often, they were in vogue in the late 1910's -  early 1920's and acted as a full coverage bra/ camisole. It has a dart at center front and pleating at the sides, can be made from woven fabrics and is trimmed with matching or contrast bias tape. The back closure is a length of elastic for comfort.

SIZING: 34"- 48" Bust.

And that's not all! When I wasn't working on bra sew-along posts, I was putting something very exciting into the works. I'll soon be posting a complete tutorial series on how to draft a Haslam Foundation PatternHaslam Foundation Pattern, adapt it to another design, and sew the whole thing up into a complete garment.
... and I shall call it Project Haslam...

How about you? Have you ever tried the Haslam pattern drafting system? Did it go well for you or was it intimidating? 
Would you be interested in giving it a try if I posted a free pattern for you to use?

Happy sewing,


  1. Lovely new patterns! I would be very interested in learning/trying the haslam drafting technique!

  2. These are wonderful! Especially the 1930s patterns!
    I would definately follow any drafting posts/tutorials/tips you shared.

  3. I would absolutely love to learn more about the Haslam system. :-D

  4. I love the lutterloh and another system based on the Haslam that is Australian based (I think?) I think the biggest problem I have with them is even though I add seam allowances and use my sizing, there is three different measurement systems for each one! It makes it frustrating when you like one part of pattern from one and another part of a pattern from another! ��

  5. These are amazing, thank you so much for sharing! I don't know anything about Haslam, but would love to learn!

  6. I'm super excited about the 1920's corset and brassiere. Do you have any photos of how these look on real people? Would the brassiere be worn under the corset for the teens period?

    1. I should have clarified - I already have a 1917 boned corset and have been looking for some bust support. I suspect this brassiere would be worn under such a corset, but am not positive. Thanks!

  7. So sorry to hear about the long-term headache!! I have a special name for those kind (I'm a fellow sufferer), but it's NOT suitable for decent company ;) Cluster headaches are nasty...about the only thing that works for me is alternating between Tylenol and Advil every other day (T one day, A the next), and lots of coffee. When I used to smoke - normal cigarettes, BTW - I'd add plenty of them to the "diet", too.

    Hoping this thing is over by now, and you've been able to enjoy your Turkey Day, and take advantage of a few sales yourself...?

  8. I'd love to learn more about the Haslam system. I've only done that Australian-based scaled drafting system. :)

  9. I'd love to learn more about the Haslam system. I've only done that Australian-based scaled drafting system. :)