Monday, September 9, 2013

Sew Expensive... Butterick 5758 Bathing Suit Pattern

A while back, I was watching a great bathing suit pattern on Ebay. And of course, it sold for an amazing sum so I set the info aside for a rainy day... it's not exactly raining but my studio is still wall to wall with boxes so this is a good time to blog about some patterns!

Are you ready for it?
This lovely original Butterick 5758 from 1951 sold for an amazing $145.98.

Take a look at those lovely details! This is no simple skirted bathing suit. Notice the lovely gathers at the princess seam over the bust and the clever turned back collar formed, it appears, straight out of the criss-cross straps! It's tiny little details like this that set this pattern a head above your average vintage skirted bathing suit pattern. On a side note, I should also mention that Butterick bathing suit/ playsuit patterns always seem to be a bit more scarce, and in my opinion, this drives the price up a bit.
(You can see pictures of the Butterick Pattern flyer advertising this, and other great patterns courtesy of Cemetarian here.)

For those of you waiting for a great bathing suit pattern that don't have that kind of bank laying around, here are a few options that might work more in your favor.

Depew 1001, available in multiple sizes.
Depew 1002.
Available in a size 16 on Etsy at FancyWork, $55.
Bathing Suit Reproduction By New Vintage Lady on Etsy, $25.
Available in a size 14 at Glass of Fashion on Etsy, $59.99.

I know, many of you are thinking that summer is just about over for you. Summer has apparently just begun in Monterey (what fun! different seasons to learn!) and I can't get trips to the beach off my mind!


  1. I have a couple swim suit/ play suit patterns for sale on my site that definitely won't break your bank! Love seeing all these!!!

  2. Wow! It is always surprising how much some of those patterns sell for.
    I would have to chose the less expensive options. I ma looking for a cover-up for my bombshell suit that I sewed in June. I like some of the options you posted.
    Good Luck with the unpacking.

  3. I actually love those jackets they wear with the bathing suits (on the Simplicity patterns)^^

  4. Bathing suit patterns are so expensive because the sellers know that reproduction houses buy them and use them! I am always astonished at the prices of them. I saw a sarong style go for 250.00 once.

  5. OK, so I read the price first and almost laughed...but then I saw the pattern. Wow. I can certainly agree with the price she sold at! :) Ah, the expensive things we covet yet couldn't hope to afford! *LOL* "L'amour, l'amour!" as one of the characters in the movie "The Women" (1939) was fond of saying...

  6. I have that pattern I didn't realize it was printed on solid gold. lol