Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pretty, pretty vintage table...

I am very excited! Tomorrow our household goods (i.e. everything I couldn't fit in two suitcases) will finally arrive! We've been without most of our household comforts for over 3 months now and I'm more than ready to be settled again!
Interesting moments in camping in our own house have included using lawn furniture in the living room, working at Mrs. Depew Vintage for hours at a time sitting on the floor in front of my computer (also on the floor), and making delicious meals with a simple frying pan and plastic cutlery. Right about now I would kill to get my hands on a vegetable peeler!

One thing I do have now is a kitchen table/ dining set! Our very own Duncan Phyfe 1940's table and chairs arrived a few days ago and looks wonderful in our butter-cream (that I'm not allowed to paint) dining room.

Though the picture doesn't show much, the table legs are two sets of what I like to call upside-down lily petals with claw feet. And the chairs are my favorite part. They have the most beautiful, curved lines.

And of course I'll be recovering the chair cushions. The antique dealer we bought them from said the greatest thing, "When I had it refinished, I knew that anything I covered the chairs with, the next owner would just hate. So I covered them with bed sheet fabric."
Which leads me to my question... with black wood and butter-cream walls, what kind of fabric should I choose? A solid, a print, a stripe? Since I can't paint I'm hoping that I can use colorful fabrics to cheer up the room a bit.

I'm sort of toying with these... which do you like?

P.S. On another note, Mrs. Depew Vintage just reached 6,000 sales on Etsy. It has been a couple of years but I'm so proud! To celebrate, here's a coupon code for 15% off any order, good until September 5th! Use code "SIXTHOUSAND" at checkout.


  1. I vote 2nd row 1st one (un-912) or 3rd row 5th one (0297582). I love the chairs!

  2. I'd go with the black stripe (UN-912) with the stripes running front to back (not from side to side). I think it would suit the lines of the chairs best. You can always introduce colour to the table another way- a bright runner and placemats(the raspberry pink would be nice) and coloured glassware maybe? Possibly a bright throw cushion for the two carver chairs?

    1. Ginny, thanks so much for your ideas, they are fantastic!

  3. LOVE the design on the back of the chair-- swanky! I like the black and white pattern in the lower right hand corner, it looks like it would really pop with the flat black frame of the furniture.

  4. What a stunning dining table and chairs!!! Is it really bad that I love the existing floral sheet cushions? Hehe! Anyway, I also love a lot of your fabric choices, especially the 1st one on the 1st row and the 4th on the 3rd row ;o) Also, a massive congrats on the Etsy stats and thanks a million for the discount code!

  5. Love the table and chairs, the legs are beautifully detailed. I can understand why the cushion covers are a hard choice. All of these are great. If you are afraid of color then I would chose first row, at the end . But my favorite is second row, second swatch. I love turquoise (teal)and brown together.

  6. Beautiful dining set....My old one couldn't make it through another move, so I am currently without one-wish I could find one like yours.....I like UN-912 and would add the color with accessories or dishes....

  7. I think UN-912 is more traditional to Duncan Phyfe. I grew up with Early 50's Dunca Phyfe and also saw a great exhibition of his stuff at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year!

  8. First, I would like to say that I only just discovered your blog yesterday, and I'm so glad I did! It's delightful. :)

    Regarding your dining set, which is beautiful, by the way, I'm partial to 0274422 (the raspberry solid). My reasoning is this: Your dining set already has so many lovely details. I fear that a pattern would compete with them. Instead, going with a solid that has textural interest allows the dining set to shine. Also, it frees you up to add either neutral accents to the room, or complimentary/contrasting pops of color. You can include patterns by way of drapery, artwork, perhaps a vase, glassware, china, or any number of things, while still having the dining set as the focal point of the room.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be outstanding. :)

  9. Wow, such a terrific piece (or pieces, whatever! *lol*) Amazing idea about covering it temporarily in bedsheets - never would have thought of that! I'm stuck on about three of your choices in material, so it's better not to say anything - can't wait to see what you choose, though.

    Take care, and I hope you're having a lot of fun! Say, how's your back?

  10. My vote is for the first one- UN- 764 or 0264446. I think that they both add a pop of color with the plain walls without clashing.

  11. Design on the chairs is awesome! My favourites on fabrics are 219339 and 0274422. Because the wood is so dark (and with the cream walls) I'd go with dash of colour. One option would also be using different fabrics on armchairs than other chairs. For example 219339 on armchairs and solid colour (chosen from the colour palette on the print fabric) on the other chairs and two throw cushions for the armchairs.

    Greetings from
    Rhia at the

  12. Before scrolling down I immediately thought black and pale yellow stribes, so go for UN-912. Congatulations on your lovely set, I'm just a bit envious. :)