Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just one more garter belt...

 It is now only 3 days until the deadline for the Lingerie Sewing Competition and I thought I would share another piece that I have made using the Corset Garter Belt Pattern.

I wanted to make a version that was more garter belt than corset. This was easily done by trimming each pattern piece at the narrowest point of the waist and then sewing as normal, sans any boning.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton print that I picked up in a sale bin at "The Mess" (my local, very disorganized fabric shop). For the back closure, I used some hook and eye tape, tea dyed so that it wasn't such a bright white.

Yeah, I know, word from the wise, never sew bias binding when your hands are shaking form a caffeine high. It never ends well.

I used flat felled seams like I did on my original corset for extra strength.

 Overall, the whole piece is quite light weight and breathable... though I was rather tempted to make one out of flannel instead, considering I live in freezing wet Norway (She said, putting particular emphasis on the freezing as if it were a curse word).

As Sarah intimated in her most recent blog post, sewing beautiful, feminine spring lingerie was like saying a big, "Go away, winter!" and that's how this piece feels. I can just see myself wearing this under a sweet, flowing pastel sundress. And, believe it or not, as I write this, the snow that was falling outside turned turned to a cold wet rain instead! It's still miserable, but considerably less so. Sweet Dita Von Teese! The lingerie Goddess has heard my prayer!

Don't forget, you need to post your submissions to the contest on by Monday the 18th!


  1. I love the fabric! So bright and cheery... too pretty to hide under your clothes :)

  2. Beautiful fabric! That's a great idea to cut off the top for more of a garter belt instead of full-on corset. Will have to put that in the sewing line...

  3. These are sooo beautiful :) And my fingers are itchinh to make more garter belts... y sweety will be happy :D

  4. Hi Anna! This is so beautiful and unfortunately I have not made one yet. I still want to though and I enjoy looking at the beautiful photos! Keep up your good work! Kathy from Arizona

  5. Oh, I really like this version. I was thinking I needed to make a second one of these - a corset without the garter straps for days when it is too hot for nylons, but I wouldn't mind some extra tummy control. Now I need to make a third as well - a garter belt for when I want to hold my stockings and have a big lunch. You definitely have my dreaming of pretty spring lingerie.

    I wonder, are there any practical lingerie patterns for when one starts to feel like a whale? By the time spring and summer roll around, my baby bump will be so huge I doubt I will feel pretty in anything.

  6. Very cute. It's amazing how differently it hangs on the hanger compared to the dress form. How do I ask to see it on you, over leggings?