Monday, February 20, 2012

Ooh la la Pin Up Sew-Along... Printing Your Pattern and Adding Seam Allowance

Let's get started, shall we? By now most of you should have your pattern unless you're waiting to see if you win the giveaway which will be announced tomorrow.

Sarah from Ohh Lulu will be posting a very similar post to this one with a few small adjustments for those of you who will be sewing eyelets at the corset back. If you are, it's a must read.

I know I said this in the email but it's important so I'll say it again. Make sure your printer scales the image to 100%.

I don't know why but my printer always wants to print my patterns at 90% and I have to change it. Once I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how I had made an entire pattern too small in my design process before I figured out it was my printer's fault. Grrr.

So, one you've printed, lay your pattern tiles out and match the numbered arrows.

You'll end up with the below. (Don't you just love my shoe tape dispenser?!)

 There is enough room between the pattern pieces for you to add up to a 3/4" seam allowance to each side. If you want a larger seam allowance for some reason or plan on making a lot of alterations then you can trace over the pattern pieces and adjust accordingly.

Here is a 5/8 seam allowance measured from the 30" waist size line (solid black line). I used colored pencil to make it easy to see. You can find the niftly little ruler I used at for $0.35!

Next you can move on to cutting your pattern pieces out and cutting your fabric.
It's pretty important to make a muslin of the pattern at this stage as a corset needs to fit you quite well.
Sarah and I will both have more for you on that next time.


  1. The ruler is awesome!! I re-size vintage patterns all the time so that would be a handy tool to have. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I'm waiting to see if I won the giveaway, but I went and picked up some satin this afternoon!!! :) Although I realized I need to get some elastic for the garters (or ribbon--any tips on which would be really better? I'm thinking elastic, just because some of my stockings differ in length and being able to clip and stretch would be advantageous.). I've already got the rest of the supplies in my stash--years of thrifting old lingerie notion packets has paid off! ;) lol. The only thing I haven't decided on is boning, but I should soon, because I'll probably want to use sprial steel which I'll need to order... ;) So excited about this! (I'm already envisioning me wearing the finished piece! hehe.)

    1. Casey, I would recommend plush lingerie elastic but it depends on how wide your garter clips are and if you can find the right elastic in that width. I wouldn't use just any elastic, definitely something soft.

  3. tape dispense? I thought that was what you where planning to wear with your made corset!
    On not such a good note, today my printer has stopped AAAArgh, lets hope I can sort it asap!!