Sunday, July 10, 2011

What to put in a friensdhip box

Have you ever made a friendship box? I haven't. But I have put together my share of care packages for friends abroad, deployed, or stationed overseas and this ad in Butterick Fashion News from August 1947 caught my eye.

Here is the add blown up a bit for better viewing.

This sounds nice since it's for children, but if I wanted someone to send me a friendship box, it would be full of sewing patterns, cheeseburgers, and booze. 

My question to you is, what's the best thing you ever got in care package?


  1. My mum used to send me chocolates and sweets every years I was away from home for Halloween which used to cheer me up. Recently she sent me a package with sewing patterns and tracing paper which made me VERY happy!

  2. That's very nice but - England? The only part of the British Isles that was ever occupied was the Channel Islands, because they're just off the coast of France and were considered by Churchill to be too costly to defend. They were later handed over to British troops in an unconditional surrender by the German forces just after the war ended. We certainly weren't 'liberated' because England was never occupied (or even invaded) in the first place.

    England was however still subject to food and clothing rationing until 1953, so care packages may well have been appreciated - especially by the poor little ones who were evacuated to the country or who lost their parents and homes during the blitz.