Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let me tell you about someone who made my day...

A few months ago I won a lovely Hollywood 1633 wrap front blouse pattern on ebay. It was advertised as complete so I payed quite a bit to get my little hands on it, only to find it missing a piece when I got it. Grrrrrrrr. I ranted about it here on A Few Threads loose and soon put the pattern on the back burner until I could work up the nerve to try drafting a replacement piece for the pattern.

So needless to say, I was pleased beyond belief when the lovely Ally of SloCrafty on etsy sent me a note asking me for my address so she could send me a copy of the missing piece from her own pattern.
Ally's Hollywood 1633 can be found in her shop here.
Ally and many of my lovely readers are wonderful reminders that good Samaritans and generally awesome people are still out there, being nice just because they can.
I love you guys.
So to thank Ally for saving this pattern from my "wish I could but probably wont ever get to" pile, I'm going to shamelessly promote her shop. Many of her patterns were already in my favorites, because she has some really great ones.
Like this gorgeous keyhole neckline 1940's dress pattern:
Or there's the charming teen halter dress pattern, which I already have a copy of and highly recommend.
And last but certainly not least this halter dress and bolero pattern that screams "take me to the beach!"

So go check out the pattern eye candy at SloCrafty and thanks again, Ally, for making my day!


  1. I just dicovered your blog this morning.
    LOVE it!

  2. @Auntie
    Auntie, I'm so glad you like the blog! If there's ever anything you'd like to see me post about, feel free to let me know!

  3. I started a sweater from a forty yr old bernat booklet.
    I lost the booklet and found a reference to it online in a knitter's blog.
    She posted the entire pattern plus picture online for me. How cool is that?!