Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Find of the Week

Or something to that effect. Today we have the lovely wool plaid skirt that I scorned twice, returned to try on weeks later, and fell in love with.

With a t-shirt that has cupcakes on it, of course. It's a wee bit too tight and I already moved the hook and eye in the back over a bit, but still... I limit myself to only 6 hours of wearing it or my ribs hurt too much the next day. That tells you a bit about the extent to which I will suffer for fashion.
As  you admire this shot of my bum looking so full and fantastic, what is the best thrift shop find that you can remember finding?

Skirt: Fretex (Norwegian Salvation Army) 30 Nok, ($5).
T-Shirt: Fantastic gift from a  fantastic friend.
Cable Knit tights: H&M
Vintage Patent Black Belt: $1 thrift-ed in the States.

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