Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bathing Suit Roundup.

I recently got into a bidding war on ebay over the most gorgeous 1950's bathing suit pattern.
But can you blame me? This baby is gorgeous! The auction went up to $57 and I just couldn't justify it for one pattern. Why? Because I live in Norway where in the summer, we have 'bathing suit weather' for about 2 days but the water always remains ice cold.
So instead, I dream of moving to Florida and wearing gorgeous suits like these.
Simplicity 1607

Simplicity 1607 from the Vintage Pattern Wiki.
Butterick 6536
This gem was sold from etsy seller HeyChica recently.
Butterick 5303
Butterick 5303 gets a short mention at this blog.
And of course, my holy grail of vintage sewing patterns, McCall's 3165. My white whale. I've narrowly missed buying this one twice. It will not happen a third time.
And here's something interesting. I just stumbled upon a very cool web page while hunting on the trail of this pattern:
Vogue 7365
This beauty is in the collection of Busting Diva, a vintage dressmaking service.
And I know, the following isn't a pattern but SIGN ME UP FOR WHATEVER THEY'RE SELLING.
Damn I want to sew a suit like one of these.
 I was so born in the wrong generation.


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