Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Feet

 Happy New Year everyone! I thought that I would kick off the new year by showing you my first sewing project since I broke my arm. The other day, I decided to try putting my hair in a ponytail (something that I have been unable to do without help since I broke my arm) and I succeeded! So I thought,  if I can twist a ponytail in my hair,  I might have enough finger dexterity to attempt sewing something.
So I started with a simple project; one that has only taken me a couple of hours to complete previously.  The Mary Jane pattern from
Ithinksew's version.
And though it took me nearly 6 hours this time instead of just a couple(Damn you, broken arm, you suck), the end results were perfect.
  World, meet the cutest slippers EVER!
 These sweet little babies are lined with Minky. The outer fabric is what is left from my old plaid robe dress project and the lining is some insanely thick fleece insulation that someone at a fabric store back in the states suggested I use to line potholders.  The Minky itself is rather warm and thick but to be sure that these were ridiculously warm slippers, the eighth of an inch thick insulation seemed like a logical addition.  Plus it made them super cushy on the bottom.
 This was my first time sewing with Minky and the blog offered several helpful tips on dealing with this particularly unique fabric:
  • "When cutting minky, be prepared for a cloud of fuzz!  Try cutting pieces with a rotary cutter then taking them outside to shake them off, putting them in the dryer on the air dry cycle (NO heat), or keep a vacuum handy to cut back on some of the mess."
  • "DO NOT iron minky directly.  Instead, place minky face down on a towel and press gently on low heat or steam it.  Ironing and high heat will ruin the nap and any embossing in the fabric."
  • "Don’t forget to clean your machine’s throat plate, feed dogs and bobbin case often.  All that fuzz can get messy and clog the works."
You can get several more useful fabric tips at blog.
  Despite my broken arm, I will be doing sewing projects again but they will be fewer and farther between as I find I need to take breaks every hour or so to let my angry broken bone rest.
 If you are interested in this pattern or any others from Ithinksew, they are having a Christmas sale right now and this is a good time to snag the pattern you've been waiting for.


  1. I love minky! The slippers look so pretty <3

  2. those look so warm and fuzzy and comfy!!!! is there nothing you can't do?! ;)

  3. This is inspiring! I have a garage sale 100% wool sweater that I washed to felt. It is now very thick and about 1/4 the original size. I'm thinking I could make some warm and cute slippers from it, line with minky and maybe find an old suede jacket to cut up for soles. Can I just make up my own pattern by tracing around my foot and constructing a top? How many different pieces make up the slipper?

  4. Ruth, there are just the two pattern pieces to this one. I'm sure you could make your own pattern by tracing your foot and adding a seam allowance. You could also add a strap to keep them on your foot a bit better. I find that as cute as these are, they do slip off a bit more than I would like.
    Good luck!