Monday, January 3, 2011

Pin Cushions For The Fair

One of my very first sewing projects was a pincushion using left-over silk scraps and a decadent Rhinestone button with this free pattern PDF that I found online.

 My mistake was filling it with the wrong stuff. I chose old fabric scraps, a little leftover stuffing from a cannibalized footstool and to my misfortune I discovered that it was almost impossible to stick most parts of this pincushion with a pin. However, I was much too proud to admit failure and I proceeded to use the pincushion for the next four years cursing it every step of the way and strategically only sticking pins in certain loosely stuffed corners.
With the broken arm fiasco, I have limited myself to only small, instantly gratifying sewing projects for the next several weeks. A better place to stick my pins was the logical next step.
 These used very little fabric and came together quite quickly. The center of each is embellished with a lone vintage rhinestone earring missing its mate. It's was very easy to separate the earring from its backing, all you need is a good pair of  needle nosed pliers and wire cutter.

 I made two pin cushions; one round and one square, using a free pattern from

The pattern was free for me after I purchased the Mary Jane pattern, and I think anyone gets five free patterns like this with a purchase.
 One could also easily find  other free pincushion patterns very similar to this online. Like these, for example.
 I am just loving these homegrown tomato pin cushions from Martha, especially the velvet and shiny satin ones in the back. Or this lovely little thing by the brilliant Heather Bailey.
 Happy sewing! I'll be back soon to discuss with you how far gone a vintage slip needs to be before you decide there is nothing you can do to save it.


  1. I absolutely love the embellishments you have on your machine. I love the pin cushions you have. However, a pin cushion would never survive in my house. Your nephews would have it apart in under an hour playing ball with it. Maybe one of these days I will have a sewing room all to myself. (IN MY DREAMS!!!) As always I look forward to your next post.

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