Sunday, April 9, 2017

Making Your First Dress - A Lesson from 1927

I just keep finding things inside of my Woman's Institute lesson books! This time I was looking through Dressmaking - Perfection in Details and this flyer was tucked in the back.
It was most likely included in the mail order coursework as part of the Dressmaking Program.

It mentions a few commercial patterns that one could purchase to make these looks including Ladies' Home Journal 5146, Butterick 1390, Butterick 1561, Pictorial Review 4006, and Ladies' Home Journal 5503.


Oh, and in other news, look what I just finished!

#3069 Slip Pattern


  1. Ahhh, slips--something beautiful that only the wearer had privy to. Love the styles, fabrics, and details that went into creating them.

  2. I agree with Robin. "Privy" "Private" "Personal" Mine and mine alone. I hope not lost forever in the cacophony of "oversharing". The brutal assumption that if something is private, it must be shameful. Privacy can be both lovely and beautiful.
    Thank you Robin and Mrs. Depew.