Monday, April 8, 2013

French Knickers Sew-Along... Where do I find fabrics?

Today in preparation for the French Knickers Sew-Along, I thought I'd share a few tips on where to find your fabric and notions. Being in Norway, I can't really afford to buy much fabric at the local haberdashery (somewhat affectionately known as, "The Mess".
With this small deterrent I have found quite a few great sources for finding fabrics and notions online.

Here are just a few of the ones that I shop at regularly. If you know of any others, or you have a great/ horrible review of one, let us know!

Great places to buy fabric online: - has a great supply of both fabrics and notions, really reasonable prices and super fast shipping. The only downside? Hardly any silk! - Mostly fabrics and trims. Has a very large selection of very high quality silks and other couture-minded fabrics, as well as your normal and discount fabrics. So far, the most reasonable prices on silk by the yard, and lots of colors to choose from. - This is where you will find every type of silk fabric in every color you can imagine. You'll also pay full price, but the fabric quality will be worth every penny. If I were to sew myself an evening gown or wedding dress, this would be my first stop.

Great places to buy notions online: - a nice, varied selection of notions. - also has a nice selection of varied notions. -  you can find just about every sewing tool/ notion there is... - there are so many different shops on Etsy ready to supply you with the notions you need. I highly recommend a few in particular for buying elastic:

Pretty Things Supplies - a wonderful selection of notions, especially lingerie elastics and stretch lace.
I recently bought some lovely elastic and lace from them and it arrived very quickly.

Cottage Green - a great supply of lace trims. Also has quick shipping and a very helpful seller.

Fleuriste Craft Supply - a wonderful supply of elastic and flower trims in nearly every color under the sun.

I hope these help you find whatever your local fabric shop may be missing!


  1. Thanks for these resources. I'd be obscene at the moment making knickers... 5 months pregnant but some notions are so hard to come by!


  2. is my favorite just because the shipping is so much faster.

  3. FabricMart is great too, and often has silk at irresistable prices! Shipping internationally is a bit pricey, but it's a flat rate of $8 in the US.

  4. i actually bought an ugly dress made of super cute fabric at one of the local thrift stores....had it in waiting before you announced the sew it is now ready to become "knickers"!!

  5. I want to order from Mood but they don't have easy shipping to Canada... I have to call them long distance (last I checked they didn't have a 1-800 number) to confirm any order and get rates. I don't understand why that is when other websites can easily ship to Canada/Internationally... I asked them, but they ignored me :( I guess I could use skype or something and at least call for free... but it just seems like such a hassle when most other companies can easily ship to Canada. [end rant] is wonderful, they ship so fast. I sometimes get things within a two to three days of ordering!
    Etsy is a great resource too :)
    Like Jan, I sometimes find great fabric at our local thrift stores. Fabric is often hidden in with the curtains.

  6. I have had good experiences with Mood,,, I find great prices on Radiance(Robert Kaufmann) at I am also lucky enough to have a fantastic fabric store Nancys Sewing Basket in Seattle just a 5 minute walk form my house.They have beautiful fabric and a ribbon room that is especially fantastic with vintage ribbons, buttons and more. I am using Champagne Radiance for my fabric, still deciding on the embellishments.

  7. Although I'm not participating in the sew along, these are great resources for the bras I'm making. Thanks for sharing!

  8. this list is so helpful, thank you! i have just ordered some swatches from nyfashion to get a feel for the different silk options first, they sell swatches for cheap, yay!