Friday, April 13, 2012

Simplicity Lingerie in the 1930's: the S Series

A few days ago I listed Simplicity S604 in my pattern shop. As I was writing the description I looked the pattern up on the Vintage Pattern Wiki and became intrigued. At that moment there was no listing for my pattern (which is normal) so I looked instead at other Simplicity patterns in the same number series and stumbled across a lovely window into the lingerie soul of 1930's Simplicity pattern designers.

S604: Mine!

Allow me to explain. Simplicity added the S prefix to their pattern numbering scheme for a short time (I'm still trying to find out when exactly and why) and it was just to a handful of the most beautiful lingerie patterns I've ever laid eyes on.

I looked everywhere for a copy of a 1930's Simplicity Fashion Forecast (later named Simplicity Prevue in the 1940's) to date these patterns but found nothing.(If you find a Simplicity Advertisement for these, I would love to see it, or buy it!)

But they're all so darn pretty I just had to share:
Simplicity S601: Misses' and Women's Nightgown.

S601: Updated - Now in my collection!
Simplicity S602: Misses' and Women's Nightgown. Style I has low neckline and the bias cut skirt extends up in a shaped piece, to meet neckline and gathers on each side. Straps on the under-arm. Style II has a deep "V" neckline with applique lace and deep arm-holes.

S602: Updated - Now in my collection!
Simplicity S605: Ladies' and Misses' Combination Undergarment.

S605: In my collection.
Simplicity S606: Ladies' and Misses' Nightgowns.

S606: I have this one!
Simplicity S607: Misses' Nightgown. Style I has off-the-shoulder neckline finished with lace band and ties at the shoulder. Circular gathered sleeves. Double draw-string waistline in Empire effect. Style II has deep square neckline in front and "V" in back.

S607: Wanted!
Simplicity S610: Ladies' and Misses' Nightgown: Style 1 has deep "V" Neckline, which crosses in a surplice line at center front and back. Turned back tuxedo revers in front. Gathers below shoulder and finished with bow at shoulders. Bias cut skirt joins the upper section in a shaped line. Style 2 has lace finishing the front.

S610: In my collection!

Simplicity S611: Misses' and Women's Nightgown. Style I has square neckline finished with lace edging and insertions. Bias skirt joins the blouse in a pointed line in front and rounded line in back, below the deep "V" neckline. Style II has a tailored turn-over collar and buttons down the front in shirtwaist effect. Trimmed with hand hem-stitching. Long bishop sleeves gathered to a cuff, or short sleeves.
S611: Just added to my collection.

Simplicity S612: Bra and Panties with transfer for applique. Misses bra and panties, version 1 is an uplift bra fastened at center back, version 2 is a bra for evening wear with cross over strap fastened at front. Panties may be made with or without lace. Transfer pattern included for applique.

S612: In my collection.
Simplicity S614: Ladies' Housecoat: The house coat has turnover collar and short puff sleeves or long straight sleeves with turned back cuff. The skirt joins the blouse in a pointed line in front and is finished with slide fasteners or loops and buttons. Flared back panel.

S614: Just added to my collection.

Simplicity S615: Children's Pajama.

Simplicity S615: In my collection.
Simplicity S616: Boys' Robe.
Simplicity S616: In my Collection.

 Simplicity S617: Misses' Step-In Pajama in Two Lengths. Style I has "V" neck-line and is sleeveless. Joins the short lower section at waistline. Patch pockets. Opened at the center back. Style II is ankle length straight cut pajama.

S617: I have this one in my collection!

Simplicity S618: Misses' Pajama Set: 2 Piece Pajamas. Style 1 over-blouse has applied band at neck and on short sleeve. Lower section joins blouse in a pointed line at the front. Straight pajamas. Style 2 neckline is lace trimmed and short circular cap sleeves are also lace trimmed. Has tie belt across the back.
S618: I have this one in my collection!
Simplicity S619: Child's Romper Set.

In my collection.

Simplicity S620: Misses and Women's Bra and Bloomer: Pointed fitted bra with opening at the back, and bloomers gather on elastic at the waistline and lower edge.

New! I added it to my collection!

 Simplicity S622: Set of Bed Jackets. Style I has draw-string neckline. Full sleeves tied at the wrist with ribbons in draw-string effect. Style II has shaped front yoke and straight back yoke. Collar ties with bow. Short gathered sleeves. Style III has straight yoke continuing into the band. Small turnover collar fastens at the front with two bows. Three-quarter length sleeves gathered to a narrow band.

S622: Updated - Now in my collection!

Aren't they lovely?

Update: Repoductions of the following S-series patterns are now available in print and download at!
Just click on the links...
S605 Camiknickers
S612 Lingerie Set
S617 Pajamas


  1. thanks for sharing, these patterns really are gorgeous

  2. Oh my, these are divine...thanks for sharing! I especially adore S605 and S612!

  3. They're all so lovely. And I had no idea that cross-backed bra design had been around so long!

  4. I just feel pretty looking at these! S612 is gorgeous and I am very curious about how the evening version exactly works. S618 totally puts flanel pajamas to shame - I would love to wear something like this during the colder months. It would be great to make version 1 of S602 into a fancy evening dress. Oh wishes . . .

  5. These really are pretty. And I mean- how nice to have pretty nightwear to wear! I love S612 the best of all... and I too am intrigued by the cross over back!

  6. Oh, please tell me there is a somewhat modern version of S618. I HAVE to have pajamas like those!

  7. These are beautiful, I really love the artist's drawings, love the shading and coloring. They would all be so fun to wear, and as Annebelle said 'I just pretty looking at these' so true.

  8. Love these1. I would so want to make and wear most of these for daywear, evening wear and lingerie. I hope to see a rendition of some of these soon. Thans for sharing.

    Tanya moon

  9. Oh my gosh, how absolutely beautiful! <3 I love vintage nightwear and lingerie so this is just perfect! I love the bed jackets and the pajama pants set.

  10. Absolutely drooling over these. They are just gorgeous. The bedjacket is practical, because it has all those gathers for arm room. So many patterns skip that!

  11. 1930s lingerie and nightwear are so elegant, can't you just imagine how soft and silky they would be? I particularly like the off-the-shoulder nightdress and the gorgeous pajama set. Thank you for sharing these!

  12. those are just lovely!
    I saw the pj one on SoVintagePatterns a while ago...already sold and probably for a lot too!!... but saved the picture as I love the style and am just about to make something similar from various of my own pattern pieces.
    Thanks for sharing these, very inspirational.
    If Simplicity pattern co. was on the ball this is the sort of thing they should re-release as there is such a big interest at the moment.

  13. S612 is really intriguing. Do you have any insight as to what the straps are attached to in the front? Maybe it's a assumed everyone wears a girdle and the straps attach to that? Curious...

  14. Oh, I just love those pajamas! Gives me another reason to keep with my sewing so that I can make something like those!

  15. These are gorgeous! It would be more fun to wear jammies all day if they looked like this! :)

  16. These are so gorgeous. I'm so glad that I have been able to help you grow your collection. S612 - IS in your collection! Thanks Anna