Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pattern Envy

I regularly troll ebay for great patterns and recently I found a doozy.

Hollywood 1667 may be the most ideal apron pattern I have ever seen. But of course, I was outbid.
But can you guess how much this darling pattern sold for? Can you?

So of course I can make a pattern for this, it's very simple... if only I didn't have 8 PROJECTS GOING ALL AT ONCE. I think I need to finish a few things first.

But on the note of lovely vintage patterns selling for quite a bit, I was bidding (what I considered to be) quite high on this lovely hat pattern a couple of days ago and lost it too.

Have you ever seen a more stunning cloche?

Can you guess what this perfection sold for?

Congrats to the seller. And on behalf of myself, RATS!
In other news, I'm sewing the most lovely blouse right now using the Bateau Neck Blouse Pattern.

All I have left to do is sew the bias binding to the top, and hem the bottom, and I'm done. Here's a peak:

 I love the silhouette of the neckline, and so far in fittings it has been very flattering.

 For my ruffles, I'm using vintage grosgrain ribbon and the fabric is a vintage rayon blend crepe courtesy of my excellent mother.

More to come soon!


  1. Firstly, no way!! $60 for an apron pattern?? Seems crazy to me. Secondly that bateau blouse pattern is INCREDIBLE! It's just the thing I've always been looking for... Can't wait to see it finished x

  2. Holy Cr... on the prices of those patterns, but they are lovely patterns and I wouldn't mind owning them myself. I need to look through my pattern stash and see if I have a Hollywood apron pattern ; )The cloche hats would be great to make. Love your blouse!

  3. That blouse will be lovely! It reminds me of the tutorial that Casey did this summer (hers was for a dress of course). As I am in desperate need of tops, I should try to make up something like this. Can't wait to see the finished blouse and all of your other works-in-progress.

  4. Yep, I have not one but two Hollywood apron patterns, #1224 no instructions and #1688 seems like there may be another pattern mixed in, I'll have to pull the pieces out and check. I am so glad they print on patterns these days, makes it so much easier. See pics here

  5. Holy schnoot, I never thought vintage patterns were so expensive.... Thank God I had a grandma that sewed. I was lucky enough to land a box full of patterns spanning the 1930's to today. I think memere just saved me a fortune.... lol

  6. Your blouse is looking lovely!

    I have that very Hollywood apron pattern and have made up quite a few versions over and over again. If you like I can trace it and post it to you? Let me know if you'd like me to do that at: sklipikish[at]hotmail[dot]com

  7. P.S. I definitely did not pay that much for mine ;o) It was closer to $12, which I still thought was a lot!

    1. Marie, You're too sweet! Thanks so much for the offer but you don't need to go to all that trouble. It would really be perfect if you wouldn't mind just sending me a picture of the back of the envelope. ( That way I can just draft up a pattern. My mom is sending me some sort of nifty sewing tool that's designed for scaling up a pattern from a small drawing and this would be the perfect way to give it a try.

    2. I hope you'll post details about this nifty sewing tool... I'm intrigued. I think that's how the Lutterloh system works?

      I am intrigued to know how well it works with the pattern back images. I always assumed they were to identify the shape of a piece and not to scale...

      I often troll etsy saving the front and back images of patterns for inspiration and so that I have the correct pattern shapes and see how it fits together (and yardage), should I attempt to make it myself. Its so funny getting frustrated with sellers who don't show the envelope back! I also wish Vintage Pattern Wiki encouraged people to upload the pattern piece pictures.

  8. Vintage Pattern Lending Library has a repro of that hat pattern available :)
    I'm always amazed a the prices hats and aprons go for!
    Your blouse is looking super cute :)

  9. No problem Anna, I'm happy to do that for you. I'll try and email it to you tomorrow!