Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A 1920s Dress with Embroidery Using Depew #3046 and a giveaway!

Today, my darlings, I am celebrating the fact that I have finally finished my 1920s dress with embroidered cuff and collars. This one sat unfinished for over two years as we moved to Georgia, remodeled our house, and dealt with me being seriously ill for a year. Now I'm slowly getting a bit better and working some more, and I have tackled some much-missed sewing!

The pattern I used is my favorite Depew reproduction of all time, #3046. And yes, love, this is a giveaway post!

Depew #3046 reproduction 1920s dress in multisize!

But first, can I just show off a bit? I'm super happy with how the dress turned out!

The pattern goes together really easily and the most time-consuming part is probably that gently-flared hem. I used a beautifully drapey rayon from Jo-Ann fabrics in the closest color (coral actually) I could match to the original envelope art. The rayon made pressing a perfect hem a bit tricky.

Embroidering the cuff and collars was by-far my favorite part of sewing this little gem. They are nice, crisp white cotton that I had left over from my Ikea fabric shopping days in Norway for my Picture Perfect Apron Pattern.

The shoulders have small tucks that are concealed underneath the collar instead of using bust darts, which weren't quite common in 1925.

And the sleeves are so easy because they are cut-in-one with the dress body.

Side skirt inset panels can look tricky at first but the best way I have found, is to turn seam allowances on the panel, press, and flat fell the panel right onto the skirt.

This dress is perfect for the intermediate sewist, or a good bridge from beginner to intermediate for someone who is looking to learn more and expand their skill.
Frustratingly, it no longer fits me because I lost 15 lbs when I fell ill. 

(To make a long story short, I got sick, almost died, stayed sick, developed a couple of not-fun conditions as a result *friggin' yay* and am now starting to get it all under control.)

But enough about me...
How about you? Have you ever made a 1920s dress? Do you have a favorite pattern?
Would you like to win a free multisize pdf copy of this one?

To enter to win, answer below with your favorite pattern from www.MrsDepew.com.

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I'll announce the randomly chosen winner from the comments section
on Tuesday, April 9th!


  1. The dress looks lovely! And I'm so glad you are still around :) I hope you are feeling much better soon. My favorites right now are a tie between 6360 and 6362 - I just love a 40s dress with interesting details :)

  2. I also follow A Few Threads Loose on Facebook

  3. Several of your patterns make me drool. I'd love to make the one you just finished, and I've always wanted to make a Hooverette (#3073). I also followed A Few Loose Threads and Mrs Depew Vintage on FB, just for fun.

  4. I follow you on Facebook and just added you on Instagram

  5. 1920’s Robe or Kimono Coat #3039 (1927)-- Have been following on FB on Mrs Depew, just linked to your other FB and also to Instagram. Will share on FB and my Pinterest garment sewing board!

  6. I have not made a 1920s dress. The vintage patterns I have used are from the 1960s. I like the looks of 1044 and 1049. This one is very lovely too.
    I followed on Instagram, A Few Loose Threads Facebook, and Mrs. Depew Facebook plus shared the giveaway with my sewing friends in Sewing Sisters facebook group.

  7. I love all the 1930s patterns but #3050 (Blouse with Floral Applique) is one if my favorites. I already follow you on face book but I just started following on instagram.

  8. I have never made a 1920s dress, I've always been a little scared to buy a pattern because I'm not sure how the silhouette will look on me. My favorite pattern is 6060, it's such a pretty and versatile top. I've followed on Instagram and both Facebooks.

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  10. I've actually done all of them! :3 I know it doesn't help me any more to do every one of them but dang do I want that pattern... I've been looking at it for months and keep putting it off under the guise of forcing myself to use what I already have. But dangit, that would be perfect for the squirrel fabric I bought from Lindy Bop. <3 (And btw, this one is my fave of the ones you have and that's saying something since my usual fave aesthetic is 40s/50s. Sorry for deleting my previous comment... I wanted to add this part!)

  11. I made the '1920’s Designer Evening Gown Drecoll #3077', its not finished yet but I love it already. I used fabric from my stash: a black dotted (poly)taffeta and yellow silk as a lining for the skirt. I havent decided yet what to do with the insert (contrasting fabric, or lace)..

  12. So many favorites! I think e-1828 is the current winner for that classic 30s style. I also started following on instagram!

  13. What a sweet pattern. I think my current favs are #6147 and #161B

  14. The one that I plan on buying first is the 1920's Flapper One Piece Lace Panel Dress. I recently had weight loss surgery, and after I reach my goal weight, I will need an entirely new wardrobe. I intend to make it a 1920s wardrobe, and thise pattern would be lovely.

  15. Lovely! My favorite is the 1930s Ruffle Dress. I'm afraid it wouldn't look good on my proportions but someday I will make it anyway!

  16. I love 3051. Good to lounge in.

  17. I follow you on Instagram! I love #1209, but I'm not sure I will ever have the occasion to wear a dress like that!

  18. Your dress is lovely! I bought this pattern from you last year for Miss Fisher Con but didn’t get around to making it. I bought some Liberty of London Tana lawn for it. Do you think that it will be too crisp for this dress?

    I’ve been eyeing 1049 and 4776 as I need more separates and I’m intrigued by the drafting system.

    I follow you on FB

  19. I've done the first three. Lovely dress!!

  20. I absolutely adore your fabulous new frock! I also love the 1930's scalloped blouse #251. I follow you on IG, and both FB sites. Fingers crossed!