Sunday, November 11, 2018

A few small things... Woman's World from 1935

Hello my dears,

Today for you I have some scans from a sweet little edition of Woman's World Magazine.
They offered a small selection of mail order sewing patterns and the illustrations were charming enough to merit sharing.

This particular issue is July 1935.

I hope you enjoy.

July 1935 Woman's World Mail Order sewing pattern ads.
 Don't you just love all of the details that have gone into the bodice designs? Bows, capes, button trim and pleats galore - what fun!

July 1935 Woman's World Mail Order sewing pattern ads.
 Notice that even the fashions for young girls have larger shoulder details reminiscent of the women's clothing designs above.

July 1935 Woman's World Mail Order design ads.
I'm really all about those aprons though...

Happy sewing,

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  1. Dear Anna, Hope that you are doing well. It's getting colder over here in Arizona. These scans are beautiful. I really like the attention to detail in the artwork. Those aprons are adorable! Thank you, Kathy G. from Arizona