Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sew Expensive... Vogue Couturier 794 and her many, many gores.

Hello my dears,
Today for you, I have a rather interesting pattern from 1954 for you to study.
Vogue Couturier No. 794 has made it onto our Sew Expensive list due to both sale price, and because of a few unique design details.
Mainly gores.
...Sooooooo many goooooores.

Image courtesy of Ebay seller Vintage-Newsstand.
This lovely little kimono-sleeved Vogue 794 sold recently on eBay for $100 Australian Dollars, or about $74 US Dollars.

Auction.Image courtesy of Ebay seller Vintage-Newsstand.

The true cost however, may need to be calculated in hours of your life spent making it. First, painstakingly cutting out the 10 jaw-dropping skirt-gore pattern pieces, cut on a double fold of fabric and then sewing together the resulting 20 (yes, 20) gored skirt/ bodice pieces. God forbid you should line it as well.

Image courtesy of Ebay seller Vintage-Newsstand.
Interestingly enough, this pattern also has different art and coloring released the same year. The above is likely the British/ Australian release, the latter is likely the US release.

Image courtesy of eBay seller Peddecord.

How about you? Would you devote your time to such a brave undertaking?
Have you taken on a project like this before and lived to tell the tale?

Happy sewing,


  1. I would make this dress and I've made garments that require this amount of work (sometimes even altering them). But then I'm a bit wacky that way.


  2. This pattern was recently re-released by Vogue Patterns as part of their Vintage Vogue collection (Vogue 8999). I thought about purchasing it but then reconsidered because, like you said...SO MANY GORES!!

  3. This pattern or dress looks so lovely. I don't know it would be similar, I imagine, to making a kilt. I'm not sure I have the patience for it. So many gores! Yikes!

  4. It is a beauty! I love the pattern notes: yardage does not allow for matching plaids or stripes.That would push me over the edge. And a 220" hem!

  5. Gawd, can you imagine FITTING that dress?

    I'm surprised you didn't repost the $500 one from that same seller that recently sold, though! (Vogue 817)

  6. I love it!!
    I am a s-l-o-w seamstress. I find fussy things to be challenging and relaxing at the same time.
    Typically, I am happier, with the result, of sewing something fiddley, than if should whip up a 2-hour skirt.

  7. God forbid sewing it in plaids!!! :|

  8. And let’s not forget underlining in silk organza. Shudder.