Wednesday, May 18, 2016

La Mode Francaise and Pretty French Costumes from 1932

Today for your viewing pleasure I have pictures from one of the my favorite French magazines. This breathtaking, rare 16 page magazine is full of chic costume (Travestis) fashions from January, 1932. The pages contain advertisements, amazing full-page color fashion illustrations, photographs, and articles. This issue features costumes with some of the most colorful and mind-blowingly beautiful illustrations I have ever seen. Please pardon some of the photo quality - these were taken a long while back with my old, lousy camera...

How much do you love this timeline of costumes from the middle ages to Victorian era?

This makes me almost (allllmoooooost) want to have kids just so that I can dress them up, willingly or not, in poppy and morning glory costumes!

How about you? Which of these would you wear if you attended a 1930's, hell, even a modern costume party?
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Happy sewing!


  1. I looove those little flower costumes, as well as the holly gown! WOW!

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