Friday, November 7, 2014

Make your own... Lingerie and Loungewear from 1949.

Hello lovely readers! Today I was browsing my collection of vintage editions of Le Petit Echo de la Mode and I stumbled upon this lovely fashion spread from 1949 featuring trousseau lingerie and lounge wear.

These designs were once available as mail order sewing patterns (oh, to have such a magazine delivered to your mailbox!). I realized though, as I drooled over these patterns, that I have quite a few similar designs in my shop.

So, I thought I'd share today, how to get the 1949 looks pictured in the magazine using patterns from Mrs. Depew Vintage!

1. Bra in Satin - Easily copied using Depew #2015.
2. Panties with gathered waist - Use Depew #7311A and add allowance to the waist for gathers.
3. Corselet - Use Depew #2003 and add a top-stitch motif to the center front.
4. Basic straight slip - Use Depew #604.
5. Rayon bra with lace trim - Use Depew #352.
6. Corselet with wide lace ruffle - Use Depew #2002 and finish the lower edge with 6" or wider lace trim.
7. Tap pants with gathered side panels - use Depew # 612 and add side panels as cut-outs to the side legs.
8. Slip with ruffle - Use Depew #7314, cut it shorter at the hem and change the neckline as needed.

9. Slip with ruffle and tap pants with ruffled leg. Slip - Use Depew #7314. Tap pants - Use Depew #7314B.
10. Dressing gown - Use Depew #5003.
11. Pajama set - Use Depew #354 or Depew #601.
12. Pink dressing gown - Use Depew #5004 and replace cuffs with lace.  Blue nightgown with lace trim - Use Depew #171.

In other sewing news, I was really excited to learn yesterday that Collete Patterns will be releasing a digital sewing magazine starting in December! Seamwork will feature articles, sewing tutorials, and downloadable easy-to-sew sewing patterns. I really enjoy reading the Coletterie blog and I know that the magazine is going to be even better!

Image courtesy of Seamwork and Collete Patterns.

To get updates on Seamwork's progress, writers, and patterns, and to be entered to win a full year's worth of patterns in the process, sign up here!

Happy sewing, my darlings...


  1. I appreciate that this is off topic given that it's the one pattern you didn't show a similar version of, but that suit is epic! I find the idea of making one's trousseau is both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure... I wonder what those ladies were thinking about as they made all the outfits? Nice post ☺

  2. Dear Anna,
    Those patterns you show are gorgeous as usual. Hope you are liking California? I signed up for Seamwork as well. Thank you for sharing! Kathy