Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sew in Love... McCall 6021

Hello lovely readers! I'm sorry for my blogging absence this month! In Norway a few years ago, I was diagnosed with a permanent and very painful nerve condition... which I recently found out was a misdiagnosis! The real culprit was a childhood injury that had left my ribs completely misaligned for nearly 20 years. The treatment is a weekly excruciating rib adjustment that leaves me tender, tired and completely useless for days. The upside is, I'll only need about 6 months of treatment, as opposed to a lifetime of medication and pain.
So that's my recent crazy...
Today though, I surfaced from my useless stupor to get the mail and to my delight, I found that a much anticipated pattern had arrived for my collection and I just had to share!

McCall 6021 Ladies' and Misses' Set of Underwear from 1929.

I had no idea when I bought it on Ebay if it was even complete. I was thrilled to open the envelope and find that the pattern was still in its factory folds! (a jackpot for us pattern collectors - it means the pattern has never been used, never even been unfolded in the last 90 years!).

But even better than that, nestled inside one of the folds was this!

One of my absolute favorites is the little found objects in patterns and books. Valentines, drawings, pressed flowers and four leaf clovers, and pretty, pretty advertisement cards always make my day!

When I do find things like this, all I can think is, I wish these never expired, and you could go back in time, get your subscription at that stellar price.

But back to the pattern, what do you think of it? I bought it for the bra mostly. The tap pants from that era, while beautiful, are so long they're practically skirts, and not super sexy. However, for costumers and anyone who wants her lingerie for that Gatsby even to be spot on, this is perfect. Should I make a reproduction of it, do you think?


  1. Yes please! You absolutely have a vote for reproducing the pattern here! Very jealous of your Ebay find - I would be first in line for making them anew. I love the tap pants, too - great under bias cut frocks, or wearing as pyjamas.

  2. What a lovely pattern! Another vote for a reproduction. Like penn said, the panties would be great for pyjamas. Good luck with your rib adjustment situation, that sounds painful!

  3. Simply gorgeous. As a Dayton native I have rather a soft spot for McCall's. :)
    Also sending you many well-wishes for the medical craziness!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your injury, but I'm glad you're on the mend.

    I like the tap shorts! Sophie. From Cirque du Bebe just made pair that were awesome !

  5. So happy to see your blog pop up in my reader today. Another vote yes! Like the others said, they'd make great pajamas! So sorry you're dealing with painful adjustments, but how wonderful that you won't need medications all your life!

  6. Yes, yes, please do make a reproduction.
    I'd like to add an additional plea for paper instead of download.
    I't so beautiful.
    Hope you soon return to bloomingly good health.

  7. Additionally, I simply adore the way both bra and panties button at the back. So lovely, so detailey.

  8. Woow what a find:) for a reproduction I say YES PLEASE!!:) I have totally fallen in love with the tap pants.

  9. At last a year out from ACL surgery I empathize with painful adjustments! Best wishes for a full recovery. To chime in on the pattern, it is fabulous! I would definitely buy a reproduction from you.

  10. I'm so sorry you had to fins out about the injury this way, but thank goodness it's "fixable" (in a way)! Keep yer chin up, you know all us dedicated readers will hang around and wait for your dulcet words of vintage sewing goodness... *lol*
    A repro would be amazing, I admit - so few vintage undies patterns in appropriate sizing for us today, except for yours...hmmm...this means something... ;)
    Take care, relax, and don't get bent out of shape about not posting as often (Pun Alert!! ha ha).. Many hugs