Saturday, May 12, 2012

1930's Evening Gowns

Recently on the Sew Weekly there was a wonderful post with photos of two truly amazing 1930's evening gowns.
Image courtesy of the Sew Weekly.

The post went live just as I was wrapping up the editing of my own 1930's French evening gown patterns and I was so re-inspired that I just had to share.

I have a major case of what I'm starting to call "Side effect salad bar", which is basically little bit of everything from the long list of fun things that go along with the steroids I'm on to treat a chronic pain condition. So I'm not going to write much, just post pretty pictures for us all to enjoy.

Sadly sold, but was available here.

This dress look like it would be worth every penny. Courtesy of Tovas Vintage on Etsy


This amazing gown os for sale on etsy here.

Image courtesy of Decades INC.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Gorgeous! I love all of these!

  2. Beautiful!!! Did you see Scarlett Johansson in Vogue this month? She is modeling a Prabal Gurung silk charmeuse dress in the 30's vibe gorgeous!

  3. That coppery orange charmeuse gown is stunning! I love the pleated ruffles on it, too.

    Happy sewing,


  4. Very pretty dresses! I also feel you on the chronic pain. I am missing most of my lowest disk in my back and have to have injections and take other anti-inflammatories on a regular basis. Not exactly great for the waistline.

  5. The 1930's had such galmour! I would love to see some of your new patterns made up - do you have plans to be sewing any of them?

  6. They are soo pretty... I think I will have to make one of them... Or all??? ;-)
    Hope you get better soon, my very best wishes for you!!

  7. They are all stunning! I adore 1930's evening dresses. They look so glamorous.

  8. Beautiful, inspiring patterns & dresses ! Thank you for sharing .

  9. Totally gorgeous pictures you have here - I adore 30's styled gowns! Thanks for the very inspirational post :)